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The repair and overhaul of components is not a new concept to the aviation industry but following the global economic crisis, more and more operators sought the services of MRO providers to realise a reasonable and cost-effective alternative to keeping fleets operational. Yet MRO offers far more than cost savings; specialist service providers can improve component performance, reduce time to market and extend lifetime usage.

Collaborating with MRO service providers is enabling leading airline operators to make the best use of the supply chain whilst achieving corporate objectives. From overhauling aircraft transparencies to repairing composite radomes, MRO is fast becoming a growing trend throughout the industry.

Repairing components may seem like an austerity measure but it achieves many of the industry’s operational goals. Cutting-edge technologies and specialist knowledge combine to ensure the industry works towards achieving green credentials by generating less waste and recycling wherever possible. What is most impressive is the fact that the maintenance, repair and overhaul of equipment can extend the lifetime of components by as much as three times. This offers a phenomenal length of service for many products, which could have otherwise been scrapped and left for landfill.

Of course if component lifetime is extended by such an amount, the savings are pretty impressive and this reduction in operational costs presents an obvious advantage – and necessary alternative. Fewer man hours and shorter aircraft throughput time create significant efficiencies that add up to a thoroughly responsive service. For many operators, the added value comes from the insight brought about by maintaining components. Cost to repair verses purchase can be accurately calculated and planned maintenance consistently scheduled, whilst analysis of usage provides invaluable data for developers and operators alike.

Innovation will always pave the way for new technological advancements but having a viable and sustainable alternative is a hugely valuable resource for the global aviation industry.

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