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The maintenance, repair and overhaul of luxury transportation is a rapidly growing market, with more manufacturers across aviation, automotive and marine sectors finding value in their MRO partners. As new materials emerge and technologies advance. Being able to repair, rather than replace, is becoming ever more favourable.

Many MRO organisations specialise in one field of transportation, yet this kind of partnership could result in lost opportunities and increased expenditure. Having operated in the aviation sector for over eighteen years, the PPA Group understands the need to share innovations throughout the industry, regardless of the specific type of transportation.


Giant leaps in technological advancements are being identified and implemented in the aeronautical sector and many of these developments will revolutionise the manufacturing processes in the automotive sector. Due to the extensive and stringent regulations within the aviation industry, there is a greater investment into research and development, resulting in the emergence of increasingly lightweight and hardwearing materials.

As an MRO specialist operating across multiple transportation sectors, PPA Group has the ability and proven experience to utilise innovative and ground-breaking technology from the aviation sector and apply it to the automotive, rail and marine industries. Our ability to cost-effectively manufacture and maintain lightweight materials, such as honeycomb composites, is becoming an increasingly attractive alternative for many of our customers operating in the automotive and marine sectors.

We have also applied this same philosophy to the development of transparencies, such as the windscreen we produced for the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car, which requires an incredibly tough shell fit for purpose.

We formed the 25mm thick windscreen using aviation-grade acrylic and applied the relevant manufacturing techniques to ensure that it was able to withstand the potential impact of a bird strike. Aviation-based technology has been invaluable in this instance.

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PPA Group is committed to supporting the entire transportation industry. We are proud to stand at the forefront of the MRO market for all sectors. By applying techniques honed in one sector, we consistently deliver cost-effective solutions, add significant value and improve the overall performance of the end product.

PPA Group specialises in the provision of high-quality MRO services to the aviation, automotive, marine and leisure markets. Our extensive manufacturing plant in Flintshire includes a dedicated composite facility. We are committed to developing and implementing the latest technologies to support the exact needs of our clients.

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