Train Component Manufacture And Repair

The PPA Group brings a comprehensive manufacturing and repair service to the rail sector. Using our extensive capabilities in value engineering, we design, manufacture and repair interior seating and accessories for rail carriages. We design new components using the latest 3D design technologies and select the most appropriate materials to guarantee long-term performance.

PPA manufacture, repair and overhaul rail interiors including passenger tables, flat or curved interior doors, floor panels, sidewalls and roof panels. Using the knowledge we have gained in the aerospace industry, we have reverse engineered and manufactured obsolete toilet doors, we have also repaired water and waste tanks that are no longer obtainable, returning unusable rolling stock back into service.

Anticipating the not so distant future and the transformation of the transport industry to run on electric power or alternative fuels, we are racing against time to develop solutions to reduce carriage weight by specifying lighter and more durable materials. As an example, by using polycarbonate as an alternative to glass, significant weight savings can be achieved, and with the latest scratch resistant coatings, the windows are not only lighter, but also as durable as the glass they are replacing. Using innovations such as intelligent glass, further weight savings can be made by removing the need for curtains and blinds, giving a 21st century feel to the passenger experience.

We share advice and recommend improvements to ensure core objectives in performance, durability and costs are achieved. We operate as a reliable supply chain partner to the rail industry by delivering high quality components on time and within budget. With our experience in the aerospace industry, PPA can advise and recommend improvements to ensure that core objectives in performance, durability and cost are achieved.

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