Motorsport Composite Components

When it comes to motorsports and Formula 1, performance is everything. At PPA Group, our extensive experience and breadth of knowledge enables us to optimise racing success through design innovation and manufacturing excellence.

With our in-house advanced composite design and state-of-the-art composite manufacturing facilities, PPA Group is able to supply a wide range of highest quality Fibre Reinforced Composite parts for use in Formula 1 car assemblies. Our commonly used materials are carbon fibre and Kevlar fabric reinforced in epoxy.

We specialise in the manufacturing of chassis or its components such as engine cover, sidepods, floor, nose, front and rear wing with DODR (Driver-Operated Drag Reduction) system.

All our manufactured structural components assembled in monocoques meet stringent safety standards. Our designed cockpit survival cell incorporates a well calibrated impact resistant construction and anti-penetration panels. For frontal impact protection we manufacture energy absorbing nose cones, while for side impact protection we manufacture Side Impact Attenuation System (SIAS) to eliminate side intrusions.

We also manufacture long lasting front and rear suspension components such as wishbones, push and pull rods for operating inboard torsion bars and damper systems. Our wishbones and any suspension components we produce last twice as long and cover many more races, hence giving the construction team increased confidence in the racing success.

In addition, we carry out repairs of fractured or delaminated carbon and Kevlar parts by using in-house developed techniques that bring the components back to life and as good as new.

Come to PPA Group. We will supply you with a wide range of the highest quality carbon fibre parts at the very best prices.

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