Automotive Component Manufacture & Assembly

The PPA Group works with leading car brands to manufacture a range of automotive components and assemblies for use in both vehicles and production facilities. As experts in the development of precision lightweight metallic and non-metallic components, we operate as a valuable supply chain partner to improve energy efficiencies and reduce fuel consumption.

Our technicians are not only able to quickly and accurately interpret assembly drawings but we also have vast experience in reverse engineering. These skills are complemented by our ability to rapidly produce components, tools and assemblies, enabling u to provide a prompt and reliable service. By combining speed of delivery with value engineering, we support our customers by developing components that improve manufacturing processes whilst achieving cost reductions.

Our dedicated onsite composites facility offers critical support to the automotive industry by developing advanced technologies that reduce vehicle mass without compromising durability and strength. With its lightweight, robust and agile properties, our range of prepreg materials offer greater benefits than traditional steel and injection moulded parts. We can design, prototype and manufacture a range of composite components for use throughout the automotive industry.

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