Goodwood entrance

What an amazing weekend!

PPA was privileged to be present at last weekends Goodwood Festival of Speed.  It is one of the worlds greatest celebrations of car culture.

Goodwood entrance
Goodwood Festival of Speed entrance

From the first view of the site, we knew it would be a great weekend.  We were particularly looking forward to the Hill Climb event.  The Hillclimb is the heart of the Festival of Speed, where vehicles from the Main, Supercar and First Glance Paddocks come together on common ground.   Which did not disappoint & was an amazing event.  To see so much UK Engineering & manufacturing excellence in one place was heartwarming.  The UK is still a world leader in pushing the boundaries in Automotive innovation & Goodwood just showcased it perfectly.

Another great aspect of the weekend was the selection of Electric vehicles. Proving that the UK again a World Leader when it comes to the transition from Fossil Fuel to Electric.  Though the consensus running through the weekend was that Electric was just going to be a “Stop-gap” until the Hydrogen revolution catches up.

PPA Group University of Surrey

One of the more exciting stands was the University of Surrey.  They had on display a machine they had created & PPA are proud to have been a part of the manufacture.  PPA produced the Tooling required to manufacture the vehicle.

This amazing vehicle was designed & built by the University of Surrey.  We here at PPA rarely get to see our products in situ and to see a Motor Vehicle of this quality which was produced using the Tooling we created.  It gave us here at PPA Group a great sense of Pride to see the finished product of our labours.  We are looking forward to next years event, which we hope will be held in Post Covid world, where we can get to meet & greet people.  (safely as always)

Then it was off home, to watch England play in the European Cup Final.  We all know how that ended but it was not a bad end to the weekend.  The England team achieved amazing things to get to the final & lost only on the luck of penalties.  It goes to prove that hard work & belief, pay off & we here at PPA certainly believe in that!



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