PPA Group are one of the Product Sponsors that helped the Bloodhound SSC project achieve the 1000mph world land speed record.

PPA supplied the driver’s windscreen and side windows that were tailored to the needs of driver Andy Green that was his supersonic office during record attempts in the South African desert in 2015 and 2016. This custom-made windscreen is thicker than that of a fighter jet and will withstand an impact with a 1kg bird at a speed of 900mph.

Not only is the PPA Group proud to be an official sponsor of the Bloodhound SSC project, its engineers have developed and manufactured the windscreen and side windows for this revolutionary vehicle. The parts were built in specialist aircraft-grade stretched acrylic and comprehensively tested to withstand heat build up and air pressure.

If you have any highly technical requirements PPA Group have the skills, experience and have invested heavily in precision machinery to deliver high-grade products for a wide range of markets.

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