Here at PPA Group, we pride ourselves on delivering even for individual customers, not just large orders.

We are delighted to have come to the aid of a customer who needed a replacement Caravan window to ensure their “staycation” was not ruined.  We were able to manufacture the featured window & ship it to them in time for their holiday!  It gave us great satisfaction to ensure that their holiday was not ruined by an unexpected broken Caravan window. We were able to gather the specifications, manufacture & ship it out to the customer within a very short amount of time.  Allowing them to go on and enjoy their Summers Holiday.  Which after the last 18 months we have all had, we all deserve!!

UK or EU, we can deliver wherever.  PPA Group can manufacture individual Caravan/Motorhome windows and we can complete larger orders too.

Caravan window replacement UK EU

If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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