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We manufacture, refurbish and repair cabinets and interior components for all forms of transportation, including aircraft, luxury yachts and trains.

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We’re a leading manufacturer of aviation-grade transparencies. We expertly manufacture, repair, overhaul and maintain windshields, cabin windows, portholes, wing tip and light lenses.

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PPA Limited specialize in the manufacture of components using glass fibre wet lay-up, glass fibre repair, composite repair and resin infusion manufacture.

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We operate state-of-the-art computer numerical control (CNC) 3-axis and 5-axis routers that ensure we expertly produce high precision metallic and composite assemblies.

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Forming & Moulding

As experts in vacuum forming and moulding, our skilled technicians are able to fulfil your plastic fabrication needs.

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Spraying and Coating

At PPA Limited, we understand what it takes to effectively apply coatings for aircraft and vehicles.

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Component Assembly

PPA Limited provides comprehensive support in the assembly and sub-assembly of components for the aviation, marine, rail and automotive sectors.

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