Acrylic Polishing Course

PPA Group has completed another Acrylic Polishing Course for BAE Systems employees. This highly technical bespoke course, designed & ran in-house by our dedicated & highly trained PPA Group personnel, is to enhance the skill set of BAE employees, thus ensuring that this unique & vital skill is not lost. The course runs over four days & everyone thoroughly enjoyed their time at PPA Group.


The course was put together by PPA Group, to aid BAE systems to train their employees in the unique art of Acrylic Polishing.  The four-day course has been running for a while now & has been a roaring success.  We plan to hold another course shortly.  Demand is growing daily.




These are some images from the latest course.  As you can see it is all business but done with a smile.  It is definitely a relaxed but professional atmosphere.  We think this is most conducive to a better learning environment. We are now preparing for the next course, starting soon.

There simply are not many people out there who know how to polish aerospace-grade acrylic transparencies & our course is vital in helping keep this skill alive within the UK.

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