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PPA Group has FAA Part 145 certification, giving us the ability to work globally under FAA approval.  This approval sits alongside our existing CAA, EASA and TCCA quality approvals.

We continually innovate and enhance our offering to bring advanced, robust and beneficial solutions to global transportation markets.

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Project solutions for advanced OEM components

PPA Limited specialise in the delivery of high quality MRO services to the commercial, executive and military sectors of the transportation industry. We operate as a reliable and responsive supply chain partner across aviation, marine, rail, automotive and leisure markets. As a results-driven organisation, we proactively develop new products and implement the latest technologies to support the exact needs of our customers. Our advanced engineering capabilities and ability to adhere to stringent schedules enable us to provide turn-key solutions, tangible benefits and long-term value.

Cabinets & Interiors

Cabinets & Interiors

We manufacture, refurbish and repair cabinets and interior components for all forms of transportation, including aircraft, luxury yachts and trains.


We’re a leading manufacturer of aviation-grade transparencies. We expertly manufacture, repair, overhaul and maintain windshields, cabin windows, portholes, wing tip and light lenses.

Composite Manufacture And Repair

Composite Repair & Manufacture

PPA Limited specialise in the manufacture of components using glass fibre wet lay-up, glass fibre repair, composite repair and resin infusion manufacture.



We operate state-of-the-art computer numerical control (CNC) 3-axis and 5-axis routers that ensure we expertly produce high precision metallic and composite assemblies.

Vacuum Forming & Moulding

PPA Limited are experts in vacuum forming and moulding, we are able to fulfill your plastic fabrication needs.


At PPA Limited, we understand what it takes to effectively apply coatings for aircraft and vehicles.


PPA Limited provides comprehensive support in the assembly and sub-assembly of components for the aviation, marine, rail and automotive sectors.

Global reach

We deliver advanced solutions for the global commercial, executive, luxury and military transportation sectors. Our experience, expertise and extensive capabilities enable us to provide a robust MRO service for companies operating throughout Europe, USA, the Middle East and Asia. We are committed to delivering high quality metallic, non-metallic and composite components that extend product lifetime and enhance user experience.

Why choose PPA?

We value engineer solutions that improve product performance, realise cost advantages and deliver long-term, tangible benefits.

As a results-driven organisation, we take pride in our ability to rapidly respond to our clients’ needs by delivering quality solutions on time and within budget.

Our engineering abilities are vast and we operate a range of machinery and tooling equipment, managed by highly skilled and experienced technicians, to provide a comprehensive MRO service.

We hold the required certificates and approvals to operate as a key supplier to the global aviation and transport sectors.


Tailored Solutions

We manufacture and repair cabinets, soft furnishings, transparencies and components of the highest quality. By combining our experience with latest technologies, we design new products and engineer solutions to overhaul existing components.

Extensive Capabilities

We operate a vast range of equipment, which enables us to fulfil a host of requirements. With onsite CNC and thermoforming machinery, saws, drills and spray booths, we can flexibly adapt our services to assist in the development of diverse projects.

Advanced Expertise

We continually identify new opportunities and emerging technologies that will enhance our service offering. This has led to us opening a comprehensive Composites facility onsite and launching a number of KTPs with leading universities.

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